Excite. Innovate. Evolve.

Your college education provides you with the tools to innovate, but the structure of the classroom does not allow you to create, get your hands dirty, and initiate. We want to show the Dartmouth community how students, professors, alumni and others affiliated with the school are turning their passions into something concrete that has a future and a purpose with the potential to evolve.

We are a group of passionate students who are ambitious about stirring the “out of the box” creative thinking that changes the world.

We have brought together a unique array of speakers from around the world who have all shaken hands with serendipity and who embody our ambition to efficiently use available resources and interest to make an impact on both local and global levels. In 3 hours Project Z will teach you how to do the same. Through the talks and workshops we plan to showcase the incredible projects of our speakers while also jumpstarting innovation on campus by pushing students to analyze their own ideas.

Project Z will take place at the Hanover Inn from 2-5pm on Sunday, April 28th, 2013.