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Office hours have concluded until the winter term.

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Click on the student names below to learn more about their undergraduate research projects.

Hannah Baranes '12

Department: Earth Sciences (EARS)

Topic: Surface Exposure Dating of the Huancané-III Moraines in Peru: A Record of the Last Glacial Maximum in the Tropics

Advisor: Meredith Kelly, Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences

Henry Hutcheson '12

Department: Studio Art

Topic: Sculpture

Advisor: Brenda Garand, Professor, Studio Art

Peter Osorio '12 

Department: Classical Studies

Topic: A Classicist under Constraint: Justus Lipsius and the Revival of Stoic Determinism in the De Constantia

Advisor: Margaret Graver, Professor, Classical Studies

Sarah Tanaka '12

Department: Psychological and Brain Sciences

Topic: Olfactory identification in older adults with MCI and cognitive complaints: Relation to medial temporal lobe integrity

Advisor: Ming Meng, Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Jenny Thapa '12

Department: Environmental Studies

Topic: Community forestry in Nepal and its socioeconomic impact

Advisor: Richard Howarth, Professor, Environmental Studies

Philip Winsor '12

Department: Mathematics

Topic: The Spectral Structure of the Credit Default Swap Market

Advisor: Dan Rockmore, Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

Kelsey Woerner '12

Department: Government

Topic: Improving Expert Forecasting

Advisor: Benjamin Valentino, Assistant Professor, Government

Murktarat Yussuff '12

Department: African and African American Studies(AAAS)

Topic: Fela! on Broadway: An Exploration of  African Representation in Contemporary Popular Culture

Advisor: Deborah King, Associate Professor, Sociology

Last Updated: 5/24/12