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Honors Thesis Spotlight: Henry Hutcheson ’12

Henry Hutcheson '12
Sculpture by Henry Hutcheson '12

Department: Studio Art

Topic: Sculpture

Advisor: Brenda Garand, Professor, Studio Art

A studio art major from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Henry Hutcheson has always been drawn to art as a form of personal and intellectual expression. As a sculptor and self-taught concrete pourer, Henry uses his material to create shapes and textures that mirror physical objects within society. A lot of Henry's work is drawn from observation and grids. Henry says, "Grids are the most pervasive physical and conceptual structure in the modern culture. I work with concrete because everything is built on it. The ability to form and command it is beautiful."

Henry meets with his advisors at least once a week, where they provide everything from feedback and criticism to technical support. As an advisor to Henry, Professor Garand says, "My role is to encourage Henry to see the possibilities within him as an artist and try to bring this out visually and spatially." Garand goes on to say that Henry is not just making something, but he is saying something. A clear distinction between Henry's initial work to where he is now is that is not doing a project, but developing an idea. As an accomplished artist herself, Garand says that Henry's art will always be with him. The intellectual journey of art can last a lifetime.

One of the things that Dartmouth has taught Henry is when you think of something you want to do you need to act on it. When he was considering the honors program, Henry had no hesitation. His advice to other students considering a similar project is that "if you have inclination you should do it. It is an incredible opportunity to work closely with your professors." Henry faced some challenges in the honors program, but he found working independently played on his strengths. Henry said, "Art has allowed me to set my own terms." When describing his experience in the honors program Henry says, "I am very interested in trying to figure out how to navigate the world on my own terms and find happiness and success in my own way. I think the honors program has taught me this. You can always rely on people to support you, but in the end it is your job to do what you want."



Last Updated: 5/17/12