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The President's Plan

Moving Dartmouth Forward

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Presidential Summit

Transcript of President Hanlon's remarks from the summit

President Phil Hanlon ’77 is calling for everyone at Dartmouth to come together to end high-risk and harmful behavior on campus that is hurting students, dividing the community, distracting the College from its core mission, and compromising its vision for the future.

He launched a process of reform at a Presidential Summit on April 16, 2014, which included student leaders, trustees, faculty, administrators, and alumni. The summit kicked off the work of the Moving Dartmouth Forward effort to end harmful behavior in three critical areas: sexual assault, high-risk drinking, and a lack of inclusion.

"There is a grave disconnect between our culture in the classroom and the behaviors outside of it—behaviors which too often seek not to elevate the human spirit, but debase it. It is time for Dartmouth to change. And as your president, I will lead that change," Hanlon said at the summit.

Others also addressed the audience, including Trustees Laurel Richie ’81 and Jeff Immelt ’78; student leaders Will Scheiman ’14, Esteban Castano ’14, and Gillian O'Connell ’15; Professor Rebecca Biron; and Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson.

Richie and Immelt stressed that they and their fellow Board members are squarely behind the work that lies ahead.

"We want student life that is fun and safe and fair and open. And we want it now. The time is now and we insist on that," Immelt told the crowd. "We stand with Phil."

Part of the summit involved break-out working groups, facilitated by the student group Dartmouth Roots, where participants began defining steps toward positive change.

Media coverage of the summit

Presidential Steering Committee

In April, a Presidential Steering Committee will be named to advance this effort. Membership will include representation from students, alumni, faculty, and administrators.

The group will spend the summer researching and crowdsourcing the best solutions for the way forward. Members will examine the best practices of other universities; speak with the leading experts in each area of focus; and solicit ideas from student organizations, individual students, and every member of the Dartmouth family.

The committee will report its findings and propose concrete actions to President Hanlon and his senior leadership in December. President Hanlon and his senior leadership team will present recommendations to the Board of Trustees in January and request an endorsement of the proposed plan of action.

Last Updated: 12/18/14