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Si Jie Loo '12
Planning & Design


Si Jie Loo '12

Born to an ethnically Chinese family in Malaysia, Si Jie first left Malaysia to study at the Red Cross Nordic United World College of Norway, one of 13 United World Colleges worldwide that promote international understanding and humanitarian and environmental values. She took a gap year to teach arts and English at the Human Development Foundation in Bangkok before joining the Dartmouth community.

While at Dartmouth, Si Jie was an advocate for the international community, a Deans Office student consultant, an undergraduate advisor, and a drummer for the Hop's World Music Percussion Ensemble, her musical home at Dartmouth. She studied and competed internationally in Chinese drums during high school and transitioned to West African djembe after joining the percussion ensemble her freshman year. She played a key support role in the ensemble, organizing performances and recruiting new members. She also led the ensemble to add Asian songs to its repertoire, selecting and teaching the music. Over the years, Si Jie has been featured twice in the World Music Percussion Ensemble concerts.

A studio art major concentrating on painting, Si Jie integrates her passion for Chinese calligraphy and rhythms into her art work. She exhibited her work on campus at the Leslie Center's Summer Arts Festival in 2009 and at the Jaffe-Friede Gallery in May 2012. Si Jie is guided by the belief that art can be a transformative force in one's life. Her community service at the Alliance for the Visual Arts Gallery (AVA) in Lebanon, sponsored by the Tucker Foundation, focused on engaging the community with the arts. In her junior summer, she ran two weekly programs for children from low-income families and adults with special needs. She also worked with a medical school student to facilitate programs for children with chronic medical conditions. With a combination of artistic skills and passion for engaging people through the arts, Si Jie believes she can help people to express themselves, release pressure and pain, and turn momentary interaction into lasting impact on their lives.

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