Chemistry Placement Exam Preparation


    Students who wish to take higher level courses in chemistry should note that credit for two terms of general chemistry is an essential prerequisite to enrolling in higher level courses. Although there are several ways of obtaining such credit, the majority of our students do so by obtaining credit for Chemistry 5 and Chemistry 6, and much of this site's information is presented in that context. It is also worth noting that Chemistry 5, which requires Mathematics 3 as prerequisite, is offered in fall and winter terms, and Chemistry 6, which has Chemistry 5 and Mathematics 3 as prerequisites, is offered in the fall and spring terms.

    In addition, there is a one-term, limited enrollment, honors general chemistry course, Chemistry 10, offered only in the fall, for especially well-prepared first-year students. Admission to Chemistry 10 can be granted only by the course instructor. To be considered for admission to Chemistry 10, one of two criteria must be satisfied;

    either (1) a student must have a score of 5 on the AP Chemistry examination, credit on entrance (or the equivalent) for Mathematics 3, and must send an email to Professor Joseph J. BelBruno ( requesting consideration for admission to Chemistry 10. This email must be received by no later than 5 pm on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, and should include the phrase "Request for admission into Chemistry 10" in the subject line of the email;

    or (2) a student must perform sufficiently well on the Chemistry 10 Placement examination offered only on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, during First-Year Orientation. In addition, credit on entrance (or the equivalent) for Mathematics 3 is required for admission to Chemistry 10.

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