Nishith Prakash

Nishith Prakash, Ph.D. Economics, 2008 (University of Houston)

Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)

Research Fellow, Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM)



Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

6106 Rockefeller Hall, Room 305

Department of Economics

Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH 03755 USA

Contact Information

Phone             : +1-603-646-6479 (W)

                        : +1-603-646-2122 (F)



I work in the area of Development Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics and Public Policy

Published Paper

Skill Mapping and Skill Development for Employability: The Case of Cuttack, with Satpathy, Anoop K.; Mishra, Jimuta; Indian Journal of Labor Economics, vol. 45 (4), 2002

Papers under review

  1. The Impact of Employment Quotas on the Economic Lives of Disadvantaged Minorities in India *PDF*
  2. The Redistributive Effects of Political Reservation for Minorities: Evidence from India, with Aimee Chin (University of Houston & NBER)*PDF*
  3. Does Employment Quota Explain Occupational Choice Among Disadvantaged Groups? A Natural Experiment from India, with Larry Howard (Cal State Fullerton) *PDF*
  4. Do Means-Tested School Lunch Subsidies Change Children's Weekly Consumption Patterns?, with Larry Howard (Cal State Fullerton) *PDF* UPDATED
  5. A Distributional Analysis of Public Private Wage Differential in India, with Mehtabul Azam (World Bank & IZA)

Working papers

Drafts available upon request

  1. The Returns to English-Language Skills in India, with Mehtabul Azam, (World Bank & IZA) and Aimee Chin, (University of Houston & NBER) *PDF*, CReAM DP No 02/03 [This research was featured in a Financial Times blog on March 30, 2010]
  2. Indirect Effects of Affirmative Action Policy: How Does Employment Reservation Affects Child Outcomes?, with Tauhidur Rahman (University of Arizona)


Work in progress


1.        Conspicuous Consumption and Caste: Evidence from India, with Melanie Khamis (IZA) and Zahra Siddique (IZA)

2.      Caste Network and Risk Sharing in Rural India




Development Economics (Econ 24): Fall 2009