Prospective Players

Do you know how to swim?
Are you currently a student of Dartmouth College or any of its graduate programs?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you are eligible to join the team. We do not hold tryouts or cut anyone who wants to play.

Dartmouth Water Polo is a club team and accepts all comers, regardless of experience or age. We're a good group of guys, and being part of the team is an awesome and memorable experience.

If you want to join in the fall quarter, email us at or ask around, because we're practicing every day. If you want to join during any of the other quarters, email us and we'll tell you when we're practicing and what we're up to. If you want to join in time for the upcoming season, we'll get you all the information and help you get set up for training camp.

If you are an incoming freshman and want to join, welcome to Dartmouth and we hope you decide to join the team. We would like all interested freshmen to at least contact us and hopefully attend training camp. We'll get you all the relevant info and help you get to campus early and start playing. We know how confusing it is to be an incoming freshman, and we're here to help make it as easy as possible for you. In regards to DOC trips, going on one of the first couple trips will allow you enough time to get back in time for training camp; we'll help you with other details like storing your luggage and interim housing. In regards to orientation, we can help you schedule around important events.

Because we are a club team, we cannot influence admissions decisions or offer scholarships.

Head over to the About/FAQs page for more information.