Lab Members

Ekaterina Pletneva Photo

Ekaterina Pletneva

Kate Pletneva holds a M.S. in Chemistry from the Higher Chemical College of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.  She received a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from Iowa State University under the guidance of Nenad M. Kostić, where her studies included work in recognition and electron transfer of metalloproteins. Following her graduate work, she held a postdoctoral position in Iowa State’s Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology in Amy H. Andreotti's group, studying protein-protein interactions that occur during signal transduction in T-cells by multidimensional NMR.  She then did further postdoctoral studies at the California Institute of Technology with Harry B. Gray, where she conducted research on cytochrome c folding with time-resolved fluorescence energy-transfer techniques. Kate's work at Dartmouth focuses on mechanistic studies of protein conformational rearangements, redox reactivity, and their interplay in biological signaling. Her research and teaching have been recognised by the 2010 NSF CAREER Award and The Dartmouth Class of 1962 Junior Faculty Fellowship for outstanding teaching.

Current Members

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Fangfang Zhon Picture

Fangfang Zhong

Fudan University, Ph.D.

Graduate Students

Jie Gu Photo

Jie Gu

University of Science and Technology of China

Electron transfer in heme proteins

AJ Vincelli Photo

AJ Vincelli

University of Florida

Biophysical characterization of C. elegans cytochromes

Thomas Freeman Photo

Thomas Freeman

Albion College

Ligand-switching in Geobacter sulfurreducens heme sensor protein

Undergraduate Researchers

Michael Zhu Photo

Michael Zhu

Dartmouth Class of 2014
New protein dynamics probes

Jason Toffey Photo

Jason Toffey

Dartmouth Class of 2012
2010 Presidential Scholar

Cytochrome c in apoptosis
Honors Project: Redox-linked ligand substitution

Anna Morenz Photo

Anna Morenz

Dartmouth Class of 2013

2010 Zabriskie Summer Fellow
2011 Presidential Scholar

Cytochrome c in apoptosis

Lab Alumni

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Yuning Hong Photo

Yuning Hong

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Ph. D.

Cytrochrome c cardiolipin interactions

Indika Bandara Photo

Indika Bandara

University of South Carolina, Ph. D.

Geobacter sulfurreducensheme sensors and redox-linked ligand switching

Xiaomin Fang Photo

Xiaomin Fang

Brandeis University, Ph. D.

New protein dynamics probes, functional refolding

Undergraduate Researchers

Erik Snider Photo

Erik Snider

Dartmouth Class of 2011

Now at Columbia (M.D. program)

Julia Muenzner Photo

Julia Muenzner

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

2011 DAAD Fellow
Cytochrome c in apoptosis
Now at Cambridge

Jonas Hanske Photo

Jonas Hanske

Freie Universität

2010 DAAD Fellow

Cytochrome c in apoptosis

Now at Max Planck Institute, Ph.D.

Natalie Burkhardt Photo

Natalie Burkhard

Dartmouth College Class of 2012
2010 Presidential Scholar

Heme ligand-substitution reactions

Joe Pound Photo

Joe Pound

University of Bath

New protein dynamics probes, functional refolding

Danielle Pottinger Photo

Danielle Pottinger

Dartmouth Class of 2010

Now at Columbia (M.D. program)

Honors Project: C. elegans cytochromes

Katherine Schiavoni Photo

Katherine Schiavoni

Dartmouth Class of 2009

Now at Harvard (M. D. program)

Geobacter heme sensors

Eva Vennmann Photo

Eva Vennmann

Hamburg University, Germany
2009 DAAD Fellow

Geobacter heme sensors

Rita Ciambra Photo

Rita Ciambra

University of New Hampshire

Now a high-school teacher

Geobacter heme sensors

Zach Foda Photo

Zach Foda

Dartmouth Class of 2009

Now at SUNY Stony Brook
(M. D./Ph.D. program)
Honors Project: Functional refolding