Spring Awakening: March 22-23, 2014
No Man's Land : April 5, 2014
Regionals : (TBA)

Season Updates!

Celebrity Quote

Fall 2013 Posted by Ellen


"One time after a red carpet event, I went to a B-Ride practice, and man, it was a great time. Everyone was really accepting of me even though I didn't know much about ultimate and also I was pregnant. I really loved the warmups, when I got to walk funny and roll around on the ground. Things got even better when I caught a disc and scored! Someone told me it didn't count unless I spiked it, so I did that too. It was exhilarating. If I could give my fans one piece of advice, it would be to play for Dartmouth Princess B-Ride. Do it, you won't."

Who we are

Fall 2013 Posted by Princess


Princess B-Ride, or the Dartmouth Women's B-team, is the more flexible, fun-loving sister of Princess Layout. B-Ride players range from complete beginners to former or future A-teamers, and every skill level in between. Depending on what players want, B-Ride can provide a serious developmental experience for those looking to make A-team in the future, a fun athletic option, or just a great group of women to get to know and have fun with. In fact, for many players, it fills all three of these roles!

In recent years, B-Ride has chosen to work hard and play as a competitive women's B-team in the New England region, going to several tournaments each spring as well as playing in national B-team tournaments like Virginia is for Layouts over spring break (WOOOOO!). B-Ride is ALWAYS open to beginners, so long as they can put up with our constant cheers, our enjoyment of playing Ultimate in skirts, and general sassiness.