2012-2013: Fall - Winter

Winter 2013

February 20

Now that I've spent twelve hours sleeping, I can report about Pres Day! Basically, it was awesome-- we left behind the bitter winds of Hanover for the pleasant breezes of San Diego on Friday. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were passed enjoying the warmth and tearing up the Ultimate field. In spite of the exhaustion of the trip and our first time playing outside in months, everyone played with the passion of a tiger just released from its cage, or an Ultimate team just released from Leverone. There were thousands of bids to be made, D's to be D'ed, discs to be snagged, seeds to be broken, and points to be scored. A big thank you is owed to the Zhangs, for housing and feeding us We were the best-fed team at the tournament. Period.


Notable moments are too numerous to completely list, but here are a few: the chilliest zone offense you've ever seen to take universe point against San Diego State. Laura McFeely's eight-game, no-turnover streak. Meeta taking office as the mayor of Skytown. Numerous 16 D's. Patty's post-injury return to skying the pants off of girls twice her height. The most beautiful upwind hucks from the one and only Emily Eisner. DLR's spin-pull maneuvers. The loudest, hoarsest sideline at the tournament. #hashtagboomslam

February 1

It's February, and we are a team of muscle-strapped, warrior princesses that Xena herself would envy. Not too much to report-- we're workin' hard, gettin' strong, and spending countless hours in the still-air purgatory of Leverone. Some highlights have been 2v2 minis tournaments to work on throw-and-go action... tiring but super-fun. We've been focusing on versatility this year, and we've got a lot of offenses and defensives up our jersey sleeves...

January 19

Happy 2013, faithful followers of Princess Layout! We started off the new year strong today by playing at Williams Turf Tourney! We rolled out of bed and met up at six so we could drive to Williamstown in time to play some Frisbee.

Noho gettin' down in a huddle... keeping morale up in the cold?

We'll be stuck practicing in Leverone for the next several weeks, but it was nice to get one last day of outdoor Ultimate... that is, until Pres Day next month!


Williams Turf Tourney: Williamstown, MA - January 19, 2013
We saw Williams, UVM, and Middlebury and went 2-1 on the day. The snow on the ground did not hold us back from some awesome plays, including a couple of ludicrous endzone bids by Abby, some ankle-breaking cutting by Rebecky, and three point blocks by freshman Antonia.

President's Day Invitational: La Jolla, CA - February 16-18, 2013
We went 5-5 on the long weekend. Four games went to universe, and every other game was closely fought, resulting in a point differential of -3. What?? We broke seed, having come in at 14th and finishing out ranked 11th.

Centex: Austin, TX - March 23-24, 2013