Contact anyone on this list with any questions about anything. Seriously. If you have a question about Dartmouth Ultimate, we want to answer it. Answer it as hard as we can.

Captains: Princess Layout

Amy Lu, '15:

Patty Neckowicz, '15:
Katy Peake, '15:

Captains: Princess B-Ride

Macy Ferguson, '16:


Eugene Yum:
Eugene began coaching us in the 2011-2012 season. He is a crafty Ultimate player, and he's great at girl talk. Also, he got married this past past summer, which is sweet!

President & Treasurer

Sarah Heyborne, '16:

Ellen Plane, '15:


Rebecca Leong, '15:
If there's a problem with the website, contact Rebecca to let us know. Meows.