2012-2013: Fall - Winter

Fall 2012

November 14

This is our last update for fall term! We are currently embroiled in final exams and projects, and frost is usually on the ground when we wake up. Last night was fall banquet-- awards were given to all. Highlights included naming our fall Psychotic Pseeds Tyler Fritz and Sarah Heyborne, as well as awards for Ambiguously Dating (Patty and Patty) and the Hammertime award for Noho. Today we fought the epic battle that is Class Wars, and the 15's emerged victorious. Follow them on Twitter! @TheFresh15s #bestclassever #stepitup13s #thisiswhathappenswhena15isinchargeofthewebsite

November 5

Our first tournament as Princess Layout gave us a chilly (HA CHILLY GET IT??) but beautiful weekend in Providence, RI. We went undefeated in pool play on Saturday, breaking out the ho stack that we had begun to work hard on... uh, two days prior. With a delicious dinner prepared by Melissa's dad the night before to fuel us, we played our way straight to the finals on Sunday-- including a huge comeback vs Middlebury in the semifinals where we saw a 9 -1 run to win 11 - 7! Northeastern got the better of us in the finals, but it was a great weekend where we saw a ton of improvement and some disgusting plays. (Helloooooo, Sophia's layouts... swoon.)

October 28

This weekend, we played at the rain date of Purple Valley! We got up at five-thirty, and took a small but baller squad to play four straight games. We went 2 - 2 on the day, pulling out two universe point wins against UVM and Trouble in Paradise (a Williamstown club team). We took advantage of our last-round bye and made it home in time for a six pm foco dinner, content with the knowledge that we had a more successful homecoming weekend than our football team. PS-- roster is almost finalized!

PPS - fropen was awesome.

October 20

With one tournament victory under our belt for the fall, we were hungry for another at Williams's Purple Valley one-day tournament. Unfortunately, it was delayed due to rain, also delaying our tryouts. At least today was beautiful, and led to some focused tossing on the green-- soon to be followed by croquet cross-training!

October 4

After going to our first tournament on Sunday, we are hungry for more games! Fortunately we are going to a ton of tournaments this fall. Tryouts began yesterday and will be going on for the next few weeks. Our freshmen are looking sick-- we've got some athletes up in here.

September 10

We're kicking off the new school year with a sick new website and a returner's practice while all the little 16's are at matriculation! Tons of our returners have practiced with recreational and club teams over the summer, and let me tell you, we are looking fierce.


WUT (Wellesley Ultimate Tournament): September 30, 2012
We attended this tournament geared especially toward rookies with a vanful of freshman eager to get to know the program! An excellent time was had by all-- it was great to get back into the swing of things with Princess.

Stonehill Get Skyyed: October 13-14, 2012
Seven undefeated games this weekend resulted in a tournament victory for Princess! We had one unfortunate high ankle sprain (don't worry, Patty's doing fine), but there were some sick plays for everyone. We had a lot of fun tearing up zone defenses with crafty handler motion and popping.

Stonehill Get Skyyed?? More like get skied, Stonehill! Hahaha. But yes, we won.

Purple Valley (Williams): October 20, 2012
DELAYED due to rain. Possibly attending next weekend, but that's homecoming, and we wouldn't want our 16's to miss the bonfire!
Update: we went to PV the morning after the bonfire and went 2 - 2. Great day, but I can't believe Madeline and Jaquille were able to run at all after the amount of laps they ran! PS -- the front of Abby's jersey is covered in mud.

Huck a Hunk o' Burning Pumpkin: November 3-4
We went 5 and 1 on the weekend, getting second place. Sweet plays include: Sophia's two huge layout scores vs. Midd, Rebecky's dirty layout D through the cup (side note-- she was playing wing, not cup, at the time), Laura being the mayor of Skytown, and Hazel and Meeta's stifling handler D.