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Research Faculty

Philippe Crane

(Ph.D. Yale, 1969) Interstellar Medium; Astrophysical Jets; Galactic Nuclei.

Email: Philippe.Crane@Dartmouth.EDU

Richard Denton

(Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1986) Computational plasma physics involving linear theory and particle and fluid simulations. Recent subject of study; wave phenomena and wave-particle interactions in magnetosphere, reconnection.

Office: 301A Wilder
Phone: (603) 646-2732
Email: richard dot e dot denton at dartmouth dot edu

Brian Kress

(Ph.D., Dartmouth, 2002) Fluid and magnetofluid dynamics; numerical methods in fluid dynamics; space plasma physics; radiation belt dynamics.

Office: Observatory
Phone: (603) 646-3238
Email: Brian.T.Kress@Dartmouth.EDU

John Lyon

(Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1972) Space plasma physics and magnetospheric physics; numerical simulation and computational physics.

Office: 303 Wilder
Phone: (603) 646-1242
Email: John.G.Lyon@Dartmouth.EDU

Hans Müller

(Ph.D., Dartmouth College, 1997) Space plasma physics and heliospheric physics; numerical simulations and theoretical astrophysics.

Office: Shattuck Observatory
Phone: (603) 646-0428
Email: Hans.Mueller@DartmouthdotEDU

Timothy Smith

(Ph.D., Univ. of Massachusetts at Lowell, 1990) Experimental intermediate energy physics; the distribution of quarks in neutrons and protons.

Office: Observatory
Phone: (603) 646-9346
Email: Timothy.P.Smith@Dartmouth.EDU