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Gary A. Wegner

Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Gary Wegner is an observational astronomer. He studied mathematics at Washington State University and received a B.Sc. from the University of Arizona in 1967. He obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 1971 and subsequently held positions at Mount Stromlo Observatory, Oxford University, the South African Astronomical Observatory, the University of Delaware, and the Pennsylvania State University. He is a recipient of an Alexander von Humboldt research prize in Germany. He is a member of the International Astronomical Union and the American Astronomical Society. Wegner joined the Dartmouth faculty in 1982, served as director of the MDM Observatory (1991-1999) and is currently the Margaret Anne and Edward Leede '49 Distinguished Professor and Professor of Physics and Astronomy.

Research Interests

Large-scale peculiar motions, dynamics of elliptical galaxies and colliding galaxy clusters, gravitation and cosmology.

Contact Information

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