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Robyn Millan

Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Robyn Millan is an experimental physicist specializing in the processes acting on energetic particles in both the atmosphere and in space, and in developing new experimental methods for studying these processes. She has undergraduate degrees in Physics and Astronomy from U. C. Berkeley (1995) and a Ph. D. in Physics from U. C. Berkeley (2002). She came to Dartmouth College in 2002 as a NASA Spacegrant Visiting Young Scientist and joined the regular faculty in 2005.

Research Interests (see my research page.)

Professor Millan's research uses X-ray observations to study the processes acting on high energy particles in astrophysical environments. Her research includes the use of high-altitude scientific balloons to study Earth's radiation belts, specifically the loss of relativistic electrons from the outer radiation belts into Earth's atmosphere. She is currently principal investigator for the Balloon Array for RBSP Relativistic Electron Losses (BARREL) project, which is being planned for flight in association with the Radiation Belt Storm Probe mission. Her group also uses similar instrumentation to observe X-rays produced in association with lightning. These observations provide a new tool for studying the lightning acceleration process. A list of publications from Professor Millan's research group can be found here.

Contact Information

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