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Van de Graaff Generator

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Suggested Demonstrations:

Discharge Sphere: Use discharge sphere to show dielectric breakdown and create sparks

Styrofoam Peanuts: Set the metal ring atop the generator and turn it on. Hold the discharge wand to the generator and place the pie pan full of peanuts on the ring. Remove the wand and the peanuts will fly off.

String "Hair": Stick the wig to the wax atop the generator. Turn it on and see the hairs stand on end. Loosen the wig with the plastic rod and watch it fly away. The wig can be replaced with a long-haired student standing on an insulated surface, provided someone is willing to participate.

Lightning Rod: Remove the needle from the generator base and stick it in the wax atop the generator. Note that sparks can no longer be made with the discharge wand.

Image of demo equipment

Enlarge Image

Image of discharge arc traveling up Jacob's Ladder

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