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Faraday's Ice Pail

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Charging the Sphere: Charge the plastic block by rubbing with fur. Place the metal plate atop the block and touch the plate to ground it, allowing it to become charged. Pick up the plate and touch it to the metal sphere, making sure to hold both objects by their wooden handles.

Charging the Outside: Touch the sphere to the outside of the coffee can (ice pail). Notice that the electroscope has now become charged. Discharge the electroscope by touching it with your finger. Touch the can with the sphere again, and see that the leaves of the electroscope become charged.

Charging from the Inside: Discharge the electroscope, recharge the sphere, and lower the sphere to the bottom of the can. Lift it out, being careful not to let it touch the sides of the can. Discharge the electroscope and touch the sphere to the outside of the can. Note that the electroscope remains uncharged.

Image of Faraday's Ice Pail demo.

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