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Undergraduate Teaching Labs

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The following is a list of the services available to faculty and staff from the lab support staff. All requests for sevices should be directed to Jan Largent.

Lab Services

  • Lab section assignments.
  • Setup of class student mailboxes.
  • Weekly lab equipment setup.
  • Weekly lab briefings for the teaching assistents.
  • Operation of a lab change system during the term.

Web Services

  • Setup and maintenance of a course web site.
  • Setup and maintenance of special events web sites.

Computer Services

  • Computer setup and software installation.
  • Conversion of files to pdf format.
  • Conversion of hard copy documents to electronic documents.
  • Scanning.
  • Macintosh troubleshooting.
  • Quarterly computer tuneup consisting of:

    Cleaning of the physical components - keyboard, mouse, CPU, and monitor.
    Cleaning of CD drive
    Virus check
    Updating of standard Dartmouth software (Blitzmail, Key Access, DCIS, etc.)
    Desktop file rebuild
    Norton Utilities Disk Doctor check
    Defragmentation of files with Norton Utilities Speed Disk