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Brett Anderson

Send email to:
Brett Anderson Office: 338 Wilder
Office phone: 6-3473
Office hours: TBA
Lab section: Thursday 7-10 pm

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General Lab Information

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Sections times:


216 Wilder (map)

Lab report due date:

On the following Tuesday at 9 am

Late lab policy:


Lab report turn in location:

In marked slots under student mailboxes

Lab report return location:

In student mailboxes

Student mailbox location:

By the entrance to Wilder on the right as you look out

Number of allowed lab changes:


Lab Schedule

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Week of: Lab Write-up

March 31

No lab

April 7

Galileo's Inclined Planes Download from Canvas

April 14

Thomas Young and the Wave-Nature of Light Download from Canvas

April 21

No Lab

April 28

J.J. Thomson, Cathode Rays and the Electron Download from Canvas

May 5

No lab

May 12

Rutherford and Radioactivity Download from Canvas

Lab Procedures

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Lab Section Assignments. Lab section assignments will be made in the first or second week of classes and will be posted to the course web site ( that afternoon. The class will be notified by email when the assignments are posted. Lab sections are limited to a maximum of 16 students. Lab sign-ups require your Dartmouth ID number.

Permanent Lab Section Changes. Students can make permanent lab section changes anytime during the first two weeks of classes using an electronic form found on the course web page or via the permanent lab change form at the bottom of this page. Permission is not required to make the change. After that time period, permanent lab section changes must be approved by the lab manager, Jan Largent.

Temporary Lab Changes. While all students are strongly urged to attend their regularly assigned lab section each week, the Physics Department recognizes that there are legitimate reasons for a student not being able to make their assigned lab section on any given week. To accommodate these situations, students are allowed to temporarily switch into another lab section for a specific week using an electronic form found on the course web page or via the temporary lab change form at the bottom of this page. Permission is not required to make the change. Students making a temporary lab change should hand their lab report in to their regular TA.

Note: You are allowed a maximum of 2 lab changes per term. This total includes the sum of both permanent and temporary changes made. For example, if you make a permanent lab section change during the first two weeks of the term, you would have 1 temporary change remaining for the term. If you cannot make your regular lab session and you have used your 2 lab changes, then you will need to make up the lab on your own time. Contact your TA to make arrangements for the make up session.

Making Up a Lab. If you miss your regularly assigned lab section on a given week and cannot temporarily change into another section, then the lab work must be made up on your own time. One setup of each lab is left up in the lab room for one week following the last lab session in which the specific lab was run. At the end of that time period, the spare setup is taken down. For example, if the last weekly lab session for your course is Thursday evening, then one setup of the lab will be left up in the lab room until the next Thursday evening. The only reason a lab setup will be put back up is if you are sick for the entire make-up period and physically could not make it to the lab. In such a case, documentation from Dick's house or a doctor will be necessary.

To make up a lab, contact your regular TA to make arrangements for the make up session. Email is probably the most efficient way to do this. Give your TA a couple of possible times you could meet. Don't wait until the last moment to do this. If you do, your TA may not be free during the time you want to do the lab and they are under no obligation to rearrange their schedules to suit yours. It is possible to make up a lab during the normal lab sessions during the next week.

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