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Master Lab Schedule - Fall 2015

Week of:

Physics 3

Physics 13

Physics 15

Physics 19

September 21

Introduction to Motion


Elastic Force & Hooke's Law

Optical Spectra

September 28

Exploring Acceleration


Rotational Motion & Torque


October 5

Forces and Motion

No lab

No lab

No lab

October 12

Special Lab

Work and Energy

Special Relativity Tutorial

No lab

October 19

Rotational Motion

Collisions and Conservation of Momentum

No lab

Photoelectric Effect

October 26

Oscillators and Waves

No lab

Waves, Interference, Diffraction

No lab

November 2

No lab

Rotational Motion

No lab

Quantum Dots

November 9

No lab

Simple Harmonic Motion

Waves Packets & Waves Functions

Electron Spin Resonance