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Master Lab Schedule - Winter 2019

Week of:

Physics 4

Physics 13

Physics 13.St

Physics 14

Physics 16

Jan 7

No Lab

Tutorial Activities

No Lab

No Lab

Jan 14

Electrical Potpourri


Potential Plotting

Coulomb's Law

Jan 21


Forces and Motion


Plotting Potentials

Jan 28

Magnetic Fields and Interactions

Tutorial Activities

DC Circuits and Resistivity

Numerical Project

Feb 4

Electric Motor

Work and Energy

Magnets and Magnetic Fields

No Lab

Feb 11

Young's Experiment


Lenz's Law and Faraday's Law

Thompson e/m

Feb 18

Snell's Law and Simple Lenses

Rotational Motion

RC Circuits

Magnetic Mapping

Feb 25

No Lab

Molar Heats of Metals

AM Radio

RLC Circuits

March 4

No Lab

Tutorial Activities

No Lab

No Lab