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Master Lab Schedule - Spring 2017

Week of:

Astro 1

Physics 1

Physics 4

Physics 14

Physics 19

Apr 3

No Lab

No Lab

Electrical Potpourri

No Lab

Optical Spectroscopy

Apr 10

Observing Prep

Galileo's Inclined Plane


Electric Fields and Flux; Gauss's Law


Apr 17


Young's Wave Nature of Light

No Lab

No Lab

No Lab

Apr 24

Optical Spectra

No Lab

Magnetic Fields and Interactions

Electric Potential Difference

Photoelectric Effect

May 1

Crater Formation


Electric Motors

Magnets, Fields, Interactions; Electric Motor


May 8

Solar Observing

No Lab

No Lab

Lenz's Law; Faraday's Law

No Lab

May 15

Solar Followup

Rutherford and Radioactivity

Snell's Law and Simple Lenses

RC Circuits

Quantum Dots

May 22

No Lab

No Lab

Young's Experiment

AM Radio

No Lab