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Master Lab Schedule - Spring 2015

Week of:

Physics 1

Physics 4

Physics 14

Physics 19

April 6

No lab

Electrical Potpourri

Electric Field & Flux; Gauss's Law

Light Sources and Spectroscopy

April 13

Galileo's Inclined Plane

No lab

Electric Potential Difference

Photoelectric Effect

April 20

Thomas Young and the Wave-Nature of Light


No lab

No lab

April 27

No lab

Magnetic Fields & Interactions

Magnetic Fields & Interactions

Two Slit Interference

May 4

Thomson e/m

Electric Motor

Lenz's & Faraday's Law

Quantum Dots

May 11

No Lab

Young's Experiment

No lab

No lab

May 18

Neutron Activation of Silver

Snell's Law & Simple Lenses

RC Circuits

Electron Spin Resonance

May 25

No lab

No lab

AM Radio

No lab