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Master Lab Schedule - Fall 2018

Week of:

Astro 3

Physics 3

Physics 13

Physics 15

Physics 19

Sept 17

Introductionto Motion


No Lab

No Lab

Sept 24

Exploring Acceleration

Forces and Motion

Elastic Forces and Hooke's Law

Photoelectric Effect

Oct 1

Observing with a Telescope

Forces and Motion

No Lab

No Lab

No Lab

Oct 8

Special Lab

Work and Energy

No Lab

No Lab

Oct 15

Observing the Sun



No Lab


Oct 22

Redshifts and Large Scale Structure

Oscillators and Waves

No Lab

Wave Superposition and Fourier Analysis

Optical Spectra

Oct 29

No Lab

Rotational Motion

Light Sources and Planck's Constant

Lab 4

Nov 5

Observing Deep Sky Objects

No Lab


Quantum Wave Functions

Lab 5