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Last time taught: Spacer Spring 2002

Last instructor: Spacer Chris Berven

Labs done:

Lab 1:

Angular Coorelation of Gamma Rays

Lab 2:

Basic Electronics

Lab 3:


Lab 4:

Compton Effect

Lab 5:

Crystal Orientation by X-Ray Diffraction

Lab 6:

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

Lab 7:

Ion Acoustic Waves in an Argon Plasma

Lab 8:

Light Scattering

Lab 9:

Optical Spectroscopy

Lab 10:

Powder Spectrum

Lab 11:

Pulsed Nuclear Magnectic Resonance

Lab 12:

Quantum Conductivity

Lab 13:

Superconductivity - High Temperature

Lab 14:

Superconductivity - Low Temperature

Lab 15:

Zeeman Effect

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Site contact:largent@Dartmouth.EDU

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