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Zeeman Effect

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Senior: P76

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Number of set-ups available: 1

Per lab station:

1 mercury lamp (Pen Ray)/power supply
1 Spectra Physics 155 He-Ne laser
1 large ring stand (bar ~0.75 meters in length)
2 30 cm length bars (~1 inch in diameter
1 medium ring stand (bar ~0.5 meters in length)
1 C-clamp
3 larger ring stand clamps
1 small bar (~15 cm in length and 0.75 cm in diameter)
1 small side-by-side bar clamp
1 electromagnet on a swiveling stand
1 quarter wave plate
1 Sorensen QRC 4030A power supply
2 wires with small spade lugs on one end and banana leads
on the other end to connect the Sorensen to the electromagnet
1 Dana 3800A digital multimeter
2 banana leads
1 optical bench (~1.5 meters long)
6 optical bench mounts
1 25 cm focal length lens
1 5 cm focal length lens
2 Edmund Scientific lens holders/posts
1 polarizer/post
1 Beck-Ealing 25-700 interferometer/2 mounting posts and
micrometer mirror position adjustment attachment
1 Oriel grating monochrometer/photomultiplier tube
1 Fluke HV power supply
1 HV BNC cable
1 HV-emitter-follower signal box to connect to photomultiplier tube
1 BNC signal cable
1 BNC to banana adaptor (male)
1 HP 7035B XY plotter/blue pen
1 range control box/9V battery
1 flashlight
1 lamp (with red bulb ~25 watts on an extendable swivel base)
1 banana lead/alligator clip


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