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Gives an overview of AC circuits. In particular, the following theoretical Measurement of the critical magnetic field of a type 1 superconductor as a function of temperature and comparison of the results to theoretical predictions. Also introduced are some experimental methods of handling liquid nitrogen and liquid helium down to temperatures of approximately 1 K. There are two type 1 superconductors available - tin and iridium.

Course Level

Senior: P76

Student Handouts


Number of set-ups available: 1

Per lab station:

1 Spectromagnetic electromagnet/power supply
1 He cryostat-pumping station containing:

1 inner helium dewar
1 outer liquid nitrogen dewer/styrofoam collar
1 hinged metal framework

1 pumping station containing:

1 large vacuum pump
1 large bore rubber hose (~1.5 meters in length; ~3 cm ID)
1 copper tube/right angle bend (~2.5 meters in length; ~3 cm ID)
1 C-clamp
1 metal rod
5 hose clamps to fit copper and rubber tubing
1 exhaust tubing (~1 m long; ~3 cm ID)

1 pressure measuring system containing:

1 small vacuum pump/hose, two hose clamps, and hose size adaptor
1 mercury manometer
1 Erlenmeyer vacuum flask/#6 one hole stopper and glass tubing
3 0.5 cm ID rubber hoses (~1 m long)/6 small hose clamps
1 metal can to enclose Erlenmeyer vacuum flask
1 "1958 He4 Scale of Temperatures" monograph

1 magnetic field measuring system containing:

1 gaussmeter/probe
2 ring stands
1 medium length bar (~50 cm long)
3 clamps
1 three pronged clamp

1 PAR 220 lock-in amplifier
1 HP 7035B XY plotter/pen
1 Keithley 179 multimeter
1 attenuator
4 BNC cables
3 BNC to banana leads
1 He gas supply/regulator and supply hose (~2 meters in length)
1 set of steps
1 LN2 dewar (~25 liter) on a rolling cart
1 flashlight
1 coil-resistor probe system mounted in a tubular frame support containing:

2 coils matched in impedence - one coil filled with indium
1 calibration resistor
1 rubber stopper



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