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Springs and Things

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In a pre-lab exercise, students are asked to read the portion of their text which deals with Hooke's law and then to develop a testable hypothesis about springs and an experimental procedure for testing that hypothesis. A list of apparatus is given in the writeup to aid them in designing their experiment. When in the lab, students are encouraged to test their hypothesis for springs that are stretched vs. compressed and to see if their hypothesis also works for stretching a rubber tube. Students are expected to justify all steps of their experimental procedure and their methods of analyzing their data.

Course Level

Student Handouts


Number of set-ups available: 10

Per lab station:

2 C-clamps
2 large metal bars
2 medium size ring stand bars
6 ring stand clamps
1 meterstick/bar holder attachment
1 small bar for meterstick holder
1 three pronged clamp
2 hooked collars
1 spring with string attached
1 plexiglass tube
1 50 gm hooked mass
1 100 gm hooked mass
1 500 gm hooked mass
2 200 gm hooked masses
1 rubber hose/hooks
1 pair of scissors
1 ball of string
1 plastic tray



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