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Pulsed NMR

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The students measure the spin-lattice and spin-spin relaxation times for nuclei for various substances (a saturated solution of copper sulfate in water, glycerine, distilled water doped with a small concentration of magnetic ions (varying the concentration of the ions to determine the two times as a function of concentration), distilled water, tap water benzene and hexaflourobenzene). Phenomena such as infinite spin temperatures and spin echoes are observed.

Course Level

Senior: P76

Student Handouts


Number of set-ups available: 1

Per lab station:

1 Spectromagnetic electromagnet/power supply
1 fine tuning box for electromagnet
1 extension cord type wire to connect fine tuning box to power supply
1 NMR pulse generator
1 TEK 2430 digital oscilloscope
1 HP7035B XY plotter/pen
1 special cable to attach plotter to oscilloscope
1 RF coil and sample holder
1 receiver coil
2 matched BNC cables
4 BNC cables
distilled water
ferric sulfate
ferric chloride
copper sulfate
chemical spoons
10 X 75 mm test tubes
small corks to fit test tubes
1 wooden test tube holder
eye droppers
3 wash bottles
12 100 ml beakers
stirring rods
6 10 ml graduated cylinders
6 25 ml graduated cylinders
6 50 ml graduated cylinders
1 metal cabinet to store chemicals
1 gaussmeter/probe
2 C-clamps
1 test-tube clamp
1 metal bar (~30 cm long)
1 standard ring stand clamp
1 three pronged clamp



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