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Ion Acoustic Waves in an Argon Plasma

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This lab has two parts. In the first part, the students create a quiescent plasma in argon and use a Langmuir probe to measure its I-V characteristics from which the density and temperature of the plasma are determined. The height of the probe is adjustable to allow measuring the density and temperature at different locations in the chamber.

In the second part, the students measure the propagation velocity of ion acoustic waves in the plasma using both time of flight and interferometric techniques.

Course Level

Senior: P76

Student Handouts


Number of set-ups available: 20

Per lab station:

1 vacuum pump containing:

1 mechancial roughing pump/air valve and air supply
1 diffusion pump/cooling water supply
2 thermocouples
1 ionization gauge
1 Granville-Phillips Series 270 gauge controller
2 current feed throughs
1 wavelauncher feed through
1 needle valve feed through
1 large bell jar/metal shield

1 argon gas bottle/regulator
1 double needle valve
rubber tubing to connect double needle valve and argon regulator
2 small hose clamps
1 large pair of Helmholtz coils
1 plasma gun
1 traveling Langmuir probe/feed through
1 probe drive power supply
1 probe drive
1 lollipop wave launcher
1 probe box
1 36 volt RCA power supply
1 45 amp power supply
1 HP 467A amplifier
1 HP 450A amplifier
1 HP 1745A oscilloscope
1 HP 54600A oscilloscope
1 Wavetek 184 function generator
1 HP 7035B x-y plotter/pen and paper
1 ZAD-6 crystal mixer
1 Heathkit HV power supply
1 Krohn-Hite 3202 high pass - low pass filter
1 60 cycle filters
2 attenuators
1 Mac computer/dust cover, mouse pad and rolling cart
1 Mac -> HP54600A oscilloscope cable
1 network connection
1 HP Print Utility and/or HP64600A scope driver software
1 discharge current ammeter
1 liquid nitrogen dewar
various cables (BNC cables, banana leads, etc.) various adaptors (BNC -> banana adaptors, BNC T-connectors, etc.)

Ion Acoustic Waves Apparatus

Ion Acoustic Waves Apparatus


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