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Molar Heat Capacities of Metals

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Measurement of the molar heat of three metals (aluminum, copper and lead) over two temperature ranges: (1) from -196 deg centigrade (liquid nitrogen temperature) to 0 deg centigrade (ice-water bath) and (2) from 0 deg centigrade to 100 deg centigrade (boiling water). Students check to see if the molar heats vary from metal to metal in the lower temperature range and if all of the molar heats approach a constant value of 6 cal/deg-mole for the higher temperature range.

Course Level

Introductory: P4, P14, P23

Student Handouts


Number of set-ups available: 10

Per lab station:

2 large funnels/platform
2 50 ml graduated cylinders
1 thermometer
3 metal cylinders (Cu, Pb, Al)
1 calorimetry can
1 stopwatch
1 bucket/sponge
1 small dewar
1 hot plate/pan, lid and stand
1 balance/standard mass set
1 ring stand/clamp and bar
2 800 ml beakers
2 pair of safety glasses

Per class:

1 large ice chest
2 medium LN2 dewars
1 rolling cart
1 pair of scissors
1 ball of string
1 dust pan and brush



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