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Microwave Optics

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Lab Activities

1. measurement of the wavelength of the microwaves using: (1) a Michelson interferometer, (2) a Fabry-Perot resonator, and/or (3) a diffraction grating each of which is constructed by the students from simple materials provided in the lab; and comparison of the value(s) obtained to the value obtained with the use of a research quality wavemeter;

2. measurement of intensity vs azimuth angle for microwaves passing through various single and double slit apertures; comparison between the experimental and theoretical plots is made;

3. identification of the nature and dimensions of various unknown slit configurations; and

4. a qualitative look at the polarization of the microwaves.

Quantitative results tend to be within 10% of the expected values. The computer programs allow for modeling for use in identifying the dimensions of the unknown.

Course Level

Student Handouts


Number of set-ups available: 1

Per lab station:

1 wooden experimental platform/attached metersticks
1 microwave transmitter/attached large horn
1 microwave receiver/attached large horn
1 ruler
1 position attachment
2 unknows
1 instruction book
1 small horn
1 small screwdriver
6 small slotted plate holders
2 large slotted plate holders
2 large slotted unknown holders
1 plate set including:

1 bar
1 double slit plate
2 single slit plate
1 half reflecting plate
2 full reflecting plate
1 polarizing plate

Per class:

1 cutaway klystorn
1 cavity wavemeter/small horn
1 platform for cavity wavemeter
1 cart
1 oscilloscope
1 BNC cable/BNC to banana adaptor



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