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Light Scattering

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Students study Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering, and the recently discovered enhancement of coherent scattering in the exact backward direction. The scatterers are uniform sized polystyrene spheres suspended in water.

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Student Handouts


Number of set-ups available: 1

Per lab station:

1 Fluke 415B HV power supply
1 HP 7035B x-y recorder/pen
1 Spectra-Physics 120 He-Ne laser/power supply mounted on a metal base with post
1 PAR 121 lock-in amplifier
1 HV BNC cable (~1 meter long)
3 signal BNC cables (1 ~ 2 meters long; 2 ~ meter long)
2 BNC to banana (male) adapters
2 2 meter optical bench
1 1 meter optical bench
1 microscope optical objective/post
1 long focal length lense/holder and post
1 iris mounted on a post so that icris can be rotated in the vertical plane
1 ~2" X 4" piece of black construction paper/pin hole in the center
1 front surface mirror mounted on an adjustable orientation holder/post
1 black construction paper shield for the front surface mirror
1 platform for latex bead solutions/post
1 latex bead vial holder/shield and rubber band
1 half-silverd mirror on an adjustable orientation holder/post
1 lense/holder and post
1 rotating polarizing lense/post
9 optical bench mounts
1 photomultiplier/adjustable platform
1 laterally adjustable optical bench mount for photomultiplier
1 gear drive motor to sweep lateral adjustment on the above bench mount
1 motor drive switch box/D-cell battery
1 10 cycle chopper wheel
1 photogate time
1 ring stand (bar ~60 cm long)
3 standard ring stand clamps
2 metal bars (~0.5 in diameter; 1 ~ 25 cm long; 1 ~ 33" long)
1 flashlight
1 lamp on an extendable arm
1 Perkins-Elmer 552 spectrophotometer
1 Perkins-Elmer 561 strip chart paper
Perkins-Elmer 159-1003 strip chart paper
1 2 ml vial LB-3 latex beads (0.3 µ bead diameter)
2 2 ml vial LB-5 latex beads (0.5 µ bead diameter)
2 2 ml vial LB-6 latex beads (0.6 µ bead diameter)
1 2 ml vial LB-8 latex beads (0.8 µ bead diameter)
1 2 ml vial LB-3 latex beads (0.3 µ bead diameter)
100 ml beakers
distilled water
25 ml graduated cylinder
rectangular vials
glue on curette tops
Duco glue
plain paper
micropipets (10 µliters)
1 ml pipets
vernier caliper
1 HP 6215A power supply
1 banana lead


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