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Fourier Optics

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This laboratory is a study of diffraction and an introduction to the concepts of Fourier optics (diffraction patterns as Fourier transforms) and spatial filtering. It is assumed that for many students this material will be new, and that the formal mathematical development will come in later courses. Therefore, the lab relies on a descriptive development of the theory and self-discovery through experiment to provide the learning experience. The descriptive theory is developed in the lab write-up.

Course Level


Student Handouts


Number of set-ups available: 5

Per lab station:

1 optical bench (2 - 2 meter benches)
1 Metrologic He-Ne laser/spatial filter
1 set of Metrologic slides
1 0.5 meter focal length lens
1 1.0 meter focal length lens
3 lens holders/posts
2 slide holders/posts
1 large adjustable optical bench mount
7 regular optical bench mounts
1 adjustable slit
1 allen wrench
2 mirrors/posts
1 flashlight
1 meterstick
1 ruler
1 single edge razor blade
1 screen
1 magnifying glass
1 glass plate/ball bearing
1 dowel/cork and 2 pins
1 iris



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