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The Amplifier

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The students design, build and operate a simple single stage amplifier. Specifically, the students:

1. use the characteristics of their particular FET to determine the the values of the other circuit elements;

2. assemble the components on a large,7620 scale wooden board; and

3. operate the amplifier to determine its gain and the affect on its performance when the values of the various circuit elements are changed.

The typical results lie within 15% of the expected values.

Course Level

Student Handouts


Number of set-ups available: 10

Per lab station:

1 amplifier board
2 HP 6215A DC power supply
1 oscilloscope
1 ten-turn pot
1 100 ohm resister
1 #5458 FET
various capacitors (or capacitance substitution box)
various resisters (or resistance substitution box)

Per class:

2 HP 6215A DC power supply
1 x-y plotter
1 100 ohm resister
1 helipot

Charges apparatus


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