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Research Opportunities

A particularly important aspect of physics education at Dartmouth is the opportunity for students to carry out independent experimental or theoretical research under the supervision of a faculty member. This "hands-on" experience offers the best possible opportunity to learn what physics and astronomy are really all about.

There are a number of programs on campus designed to help students gain research experience. The Presidential Scholars Program is open to Juniors, and allows them to work closely with a faculty member on a research project. These projects are often used to lay the ground-work for a senior year honors thesis. The Women in Science Project is a program begun at Dartmouth in 1990 to provide additonal support and encouragement to women considering a major or career in science. A central aspect of this program is the opportunity it provides for entering students to carry out a research internship in their first year at Dartmouth. The E. E. Just Program provides research internship opportunities for students of African-American and African heritage. The program features both full-time internships during the summer, and part-time internships during the academic year.

In addition to applying through these programs, many students find research opportunities by talking directly with members of the faculty and setting up their own research internships.