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Recent PhD Graduates

Latchezar Benatov (2014)

Advisor: Miles Blencowe

Thesis: The Quantum-to-Classical Transition in Strongly Interacting Nanoscale Systems


Jarod Parrent (2014)

Advisor: Robert Fesen

Thesis: Spectroscopic Analyses of Type Ia Supernovae


Thiago Brito (2014)

Advisor: Mary Hudson

Thesis: Precipitation and Energization of Relativistic Radiation Belt Electrons Induced by ULF Oscillations in the Magnetosphere


Idan Ginsburg (2013)

Advisor: Gary Wegner

Thesis: On the Nature of Hypervelocity Stars


Dane Owen (2013)

Advisor: Gary Wegner

Thesis: A Computational Study of Radio Relics in Galaxy Cluster Mergers


Fei Chen (2013)

Advisor: Alex Rimberg

Thesis: The Cavity-Embedded-Cooper Pair Transistor


Gregory Feiden (2013)

Advisor: Brian Chaboyer

Thesis: Dartmouth Magnetic Evolutionary Stellar Tracks and Relations


Mingyun Yuan (2013)

Advisor: Alex Rimberg

Thesis: Silicon/Silicon –Germanium Quantum Dots with Single-Electron Transistor Charge Sensors


Joel Stettenheim (2013)

Advisor: Alex Rimberg

Thesis: Macroscopic Manifestations and Coherent Manipulations of Quantum Mesoscopic Systems


Leslie Woodger (2012)

Advisor: Robyn Millan

Thesis: Investigating EMIC Waves as a Precipitation Mechanism for Relativistic Electrons


Leonardo Dias Da Motta (2012)

Advisor: Robert Caldwell

Thesis: Cosmological Magnetic Fields From Inflation


Meghan Mella (2012)

Advisor: Kristina Lynch

Thesis: In Situ Analysis of Measurements of Auroral Dynamics and Structure


Nikitas Stamatopoulos (2012)

Advisor: Marcelo Gleiser

Thesis: "Nonlinear Emergent Complexity During Cosmological Symmetry Breaking"


Lucas Thatcher (2012)

Advisor: Hans Mueller

Thesis: "Four Solar Cycle Ecliptic Solar Wind Data Set Generated From the OMNI Data Set"


James Lundberg (2011)

Advisor: Robyn Millan

Thesis: "Observations and Analysis of High Photon Bursts From Lightning"


Shusa Deng (2011)

Advisor: Lorenza Viola

Thesis: "Dynamical scaling behavior in non-equilibrium quantum phase transitions"


Ryan Johnson (2011)

Advisor: Gary Wegner

Thesis: "The nature of core gas sloshing in galaxy clsuters"


Dan Milisavljevic (2011)

Advisor: Robert Fesen

Thesis: "Kinematic and chemical properties of core-collapse supernova ejecta"


Laura Gilbert Remus (2011)

Advisor: Miles Blencowe

Thesis: "Damping and decoherence of a nanomechanical resonator due to two-level systems"


David Sicilia (2011)

Advisor: Marcelo Gleiser

Thesis: "Analytical characterization of scalar-field oscillons in quartic potentials"


Winton Brown (2010)

Advisor: Lorenza Viola

Thesis: "Random Quantum Dynamics: From Random Quantum Circuits to Quantum Chaos"


Hwa Jung Kang (2010)

Advisor: Gary Wegner

Thesis: "Cosmic Velocity Flows in the Large Scale with SDSS DR7 Early Type Galaxies"


Nicholas Bunch (2010)

Advisor: James LaBelle

Thesis: "Ground Based Studies of Auroral Medium Frequency Burst Radio Emissions"


Yonggang Hu (2010)

Advisor: Richard Denton

Thesis: "Hybrid Code Simulation of Electromagnetic Ion Cyclonic Waves in Curvilinear Coordinates"


Sumire Kobayashi (2010)

Advisor: Barrett Rogers

Thesis: "Gyrokinetic Simulations of Closed Field Line Systems"


Paul Nation (2010)

Advisor: Miles Blencowe

Thesis: "Quantum Dynamics of Nonlinear Cavity Systems"


Sara Walker (2010)

Advisor: Marcelo Gleiser

Thesis: "Theoretical Models for the Emergence of Biomolecular Homochirality"


Qun Wei (2010)

Advisor: Roberto Onofrio /
Kristina Lynch

Thesis: " Macroscopic Quantum Vacuum Effects Due to Boundary Conditions"


Weiwei Xue, (2010)

Advisor: Alex Rimberg

Thesis: "On-Chip Superconducting LC Matching Networks and Coplanar Waveguides for Radio-Frequency Single Electron Transistors"


Christopher Colpitts (2009)

Advisor: James LaBelle

Thesis: "Examinations of Structured Dispersive Features of Auroral HF Waves Observed with Sounding Rockets"


Scott Daniel (2009)

Advisor: Robert Caldwell

Thesis: "Gravitational Slip as a Test of Alternative Gravity Theories"


Andrea Kunder (2009)

Advisor: Brian Chaboyer

Thesis: "RR Lyrae Stars as Tracers of Stellar Populations in the Galactic Bulge and Satellite Galaxies"


Rebecca Lindstrom (2009)

Advisor: Jay Lawrence

Thesis: "Detectability of the Late-Time Departure from Exponential Decay of Metastable Quantum Systems and Impacts of an Environment"


Jeremy Ouellette (2009)

Advisor: Barrett Rogers

Thesis: "Dayside Magnetic Reconnection in Global Simulations of Earth's Magnetosphere"


Jia Wang (2009)

Advisor: Brian Pogue

Thesis: "Broadband Near-Infrared Tomography for Breast Cancer Imaging"


Timothy Gilheart (2008)

Advisor: Alex Rimberg

Thesis: "Developing Robust Fabrication of Si/SiGe Quantum Dots with Integrated RF-SET Charge Detectors"


Christopher Peters (2008)

Advisor: John Thorstensen

Thesis: "Kinematics and Space Densities for the Local Cataclysmic Variable Population"


Brian Sullivan (2008)

Advisor: Barrett Rogers

Thesis: "The Scaling of Forced Magnetic Reconnection in Two and Three Dimensions"


Joel Thorarinson (2008)

Advisor: Marcelo Gleiser

Thesis: "Emergent Coherent Structures in Non-Equilibrium Field Theory"


Aaron Dotter (2007)

Advisor: Brian Chaboyer

Thesis: "Self-Consistent Stellar Evolution Models with Applications to Milky Way Globular Clusters and Population Synthesis"


Robert Michell (2007)

Advisor: Kristina Lynch

Thesis: "Examining Auroral Downward-Current Region Processes Using Ground-Based Data"


Michael Brown-Hayes (2007)

Advisor: Roberto Onofrio

Thesis: "Development of an Apparatus for Simultaneous Trapping of Lithium-6 and Rubidium-87 Fermi-Bose Mixtures"


Woo-Joong Kim (2007)

Advisor: Roberto Onofrio

Thesis: "Towards the Experimental Verification of Macroscopic Phenomena in Quantum Electrodynamics"


Xin Wang (2007)

Advisor: Brian Pogue

Thesis: "Estimation of Effective Scatterer Size and Number Density in Near-Infrared Tomography"


Shengyi Ye (2007)

Advisor: James LaBelle

Thesis: "Structure in Auroral Radio Emissions"


Peng Peng Yu (2007)

Advisor: Robert Caldwell

Thesis: "Studies of the Limiting Behavior of the Liu-Yau Quasi-Local Energy"


Kristin Frederick-Frost (2006)

Advisor: Kristina Lynch

Thesis: "In SITU and Laboratory Measurements of Cold Plasmas"


Kyoung-Joo Hwang (2006)

Advisor: Kristina Lynch

Thesis: "Structure, Evolution, and Boundary Conditions for Auroral Downward Current Region Potential Drops"


Nathaniel Paust (2006)

Advisor: Brian Chaboyer

Thesis: "Testing Stellar Evolution Models with Globular Clusters"


Jenica Nelan (2005)

Advisor: Gary Wegner

Thesis: "Early-Type Galaxies in a Cluster Environment: Characteristics of the Stellar Populations and Sources of X-Ray Emission"


Dan Patnaude (2005)

Advisor: Rob Fesen

Thesis: "Modeling of Shocks in Young and Old Supernova Remnants"


Marilia Samara (2005)

Advisor: James LaBelle

Thesis: "Sounding Rocket Investigations of Whistler, Upper Hybrid and Langmuir Waves in the Auroral Ionosphere"


Yong Zhang (2005)

Advisor: Miles Blencowe

Thesis: "Sensitivity of Single-electron Transistor-Based Displacement Detector and Fabrication of Single-Electron Transistor Using Au Nanoparticles"


Israel Owens (2004)

Advisor: James Brownell

Thesis: "Superradiant Cerenkov Source: Theory and Experiment"


Kara Perry (2004)

Advisor: Mary Hudson

Thesis: "Radial Diffusion of Radiation Belt Electrons in Three Dimensions"