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About the Philosophy Department

The fundamental task of philosophy is the analysis of concepts and the criticism of beliefs. There is nothing new in the idea. When Plato in The Republic addressed the question "What is justice?" and criticized the accounts of justice offered by his interlocutors, he was engaged in just this task. This reference to ancient philosophy is not accidental, for it is the department's conviction that fruitful inquiry into philosophical problems must be grounded in an understanding of the history of philosophy. Thus, in addition to the courses offered in the systematic fields of philosophy (ethics, logic, metaphysics, theory of knowledge, etc.), the department teaches a complete range of courses covering major historical periods. The Philosophy Department also offers freshman seminars, advanced seminars, an honors program, and an opportunity for independent study. Each fall the department sponsors a Foreign Study Program at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.


Recent Philosophy Department News:

Upcoming Events:

PHIL D ad 2013

Sapientia Lecture Series

  • Visit the Philosophy Events webpage for the full schedule
  • Free & Open to the Public
  • Funded by the Mark J. Byrne 1985 Fund in Philosophy

40th Annual Francis W. Gramlich Memorial Lecture  

  • Philip Kitcher, Columbia University
  • "Climate Change - The Hard Problem"
  • Wednesday, April 16, 2014
  • Filene Auditorium
  • 3:30 pm

Husserl Circle Annual Meeting

husserl circle 2014 annual meeting

  • May 28-31, 2014
  • 041 Haldeman Hall
  • For more information, see conference website

 Husserl and Phenomenology (exhibit)

Husserl and Phenomenology exhibit


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