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Sam Levey

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Syracuse University , 1997

309 Thornton
Office Hours: By appointment

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Sam Levey received his Ph.D. from Syracuse University in 1997. His philosophical interests are wide-ranging, but his studies focus particularly on topics in metaphysics and the philosophy of mathematics. What is truth? What does a mathematical proof prove? What is the past apart from memory? What is it for something to exist independently of the mind? How can something remain one and the same through change? He writes primarily on Leibniz's philosophy and teaches a variety of courses in the history of modern philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of mathematics, logic, epistemology and the philosophy of language.


Recent Publications

  • “On Two Theories of Substance in Leibniz: Critical Notice of Daniel Garber, Leibniz: Body, Substance, Monad.” The Philosophical Review 120: 2 (2011), 285-319.
  • “Logical Theory in Leibniz.” In B. Look, ed., The Continuum Companion to Leibniz. (New York: Continuum, 2011), 110-135.
  • Dans les corps il n'y a point de figure parfaite: Leibniz on Time, Change and Corporeal Substance.” Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy 5 (2010), 146-170.
  • “Archimedes, Infinitesimals and the Law of Continuity: On Leibniz’s Fictionalism.” In U. Goldenbaum and D. Jesseph, eds., Infinitesimals Differences: Controversies between Leibniz and his Contemporaries (Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter: 2008), 107-134.


Fall 2013

  • PHIL 34 (12) Philosophy of Language
  • PHIL 80 (2A) Advanced Seminar: Unity and Infinity in Leibniz

Winter 2014

  • PHIL 6 (9s) Logic and Language
  • PHIL 13 (11) Modern Philosophy: Continental Rationalism

Spring 2014

  • Non-teaching Resident Term

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