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John Kulvicki

Associate Professor
308 Thornton Hall
Last name at Dartmouth dot edu

Office Hours: By Appointment

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There are two major strands in my research. The first focuses on perception. How do perceptual states represent and thus make us aware of the environment? How do colors and other so-called 'secondary' qualities differ from shapes and other primary qualities? How should we explain the conscious aspects of perception, or what it is like to see red things, smell roses, and taste wine? The second focuses on the nature of pictorial representation. What makes pictures different from other kinds of representations like diagrams and descriptions? What makes some pictures more realistic than others? How do we use pictures and other kinds of representations as aids to learning about the world around us?

Selected Publications:

  • "Pictorial Diversity," in Philosophical Perspectives on Depiction, ed. C. Abell & K. Bantinaki (Oxford University Press, 2010), 25-51.
  • "Knowing with Images: Medium and Message." Philosophy of Science 77(2) 2010: 295-313.
  • "Introspective Availability." Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 80(1) 2010: 208-228.
  • On Images: Their Structure and Content. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2006.
  • "Perceptual content is vertically articulate." American Philosophical Quarterly 44(4) 2007.
  • "What is what it's like? Introducing perceptual modes of presentation." Synthese 156(2) 2007.


Fall 2013

  • PHIL 3 (2) Reason and Argument

Winter 2014

  • PHIL 23 (2) Philosophy of Art

Spring 2014

  • PHIL 30 (10) Theory of Knowledge
  • PHIL 35 (12) Philosophy of Mind

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