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Ann Bumpus

Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., M.I.T., 1995

Office Hours: By Appointment

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Research Interests:
Ethics, Bioethics, Philosophy of Mind

ANN BUMPUS began teaching at Dartmouth in 1991. She received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from M.I.T. Her main teaching and research interests are in philosophical issues raised by emerging technologies. For example, she is interested in ethical issues raised by the prospect of human enhancements and in metaphysical and ethical issues raised by brain sciences.


Fall 2013
  • PHIL 9 (10) Reproductive Ethics

Winter 2014

  • PHIL 25 (11) Philosophy of Medicine

Spring 2014

  • PHIL 7 (12) First-Year Seminar: Life, Death, and the Limits of Autonomy
  • PHIL 9 (11) Reproductive Ethics

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