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Smaranda Aldea
Mellon Research Fellow
Research Interests: Imagination, Husserl, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics

Amy Allen
Professor of Philosophy
Parents Distinguished Research Professor in the Humanities
Research Interests: Continental Philosophy, Feminist Theory, Socio-Political Philosophy

Susan Brison
Associate Professor
Chair, Philosophy Department
Research Interests: Philosophy of Law, Feminist Philosophy, Socio-Political Philosophy

Ann Bumpus
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Research Interests: Ethics, Bioethics, Philosophy of Mind

Robert J. Fogelin
Sherman Fairchild Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy

Carey Heckman
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy
Research Interests: Technology Policy and Ethics, Philosophy of Science, Autonomous Agents, and Artificial Intelligence

Jesper Kallestrup
Visiting Edinburgh Professor
Research Interests: Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Mind

John Kulvicki
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Perception, Philosophy of Art

Sam Levey
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Leibniz, Early Modern Rationalism, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mathematics

Jim Moor
Stone Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy
Research Interests: Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, and Logic

David Plunkett
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Metaethics, Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Mind and Language

Timothy Rosenkoetter
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Kant, Ethics, Modern Philosophy

Adina Roskies
Research Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Ethics

Christie Thomas
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science

Alice Phillips Walden
Research Interests: Ancient philosophy, medieval philosophy, ethics, and philosophy of religion.

Kenny Walden
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Ethics, epistemology, history of modern philosophy (especially Kant)

Last Updated: 2/17/14