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Phantom Limb Company first traveled to Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH, 43°N.) in 2009, when they performed The Fortune Teller at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. Since then, the Hop has sponsored two developmental residencies for 69°S. and helped connect Erik and Jessica with resources on campus. Dartmouth College's Library system has an extensive collection of archival material related to Polar exploration, including Thomas Orde-Lees' diary from the Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

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The Hopkins Center for the Arts

Phantom Limb performs 69°S. at the Hopkins Center

Dartmouth Library Special Collections on Polar Exploration

Special Exhibition in Baker-Berry Library: Together in the "Great Alone" - the Orde-Lees Diary

Dartmouth Institute of Arctic Studies

Dartmouth NSF IGERT in Polar Environmental Change

Dartmouth Student Polar Regions Blog

Jones Media Center


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Video by Thom Bertelson