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photoPhantom Limb Company traveled to Antarctica in 2010, under the National Science Foundation's Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. Erik and Jessica also took advantage of Polar Exploration experts closer to home. Learn more by visiting the following sites:

South Pole Resources

US Office of Polar Programs research in Antarctica

Dartmouth Institute of Arctic Studies

Dartmouth NSF IGERT in Polar Environmental Change

Dartmouth Student Polar Regions Blog

US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, NH

Phantom Limb in Antarctica

Phantom Limb Antarctica blog

"Pulling the Strings" NSF article

General Information about Antarctica

Scientific research

Historical, literary, bibliographical, artistic, and cultural

photo photo

Information about the story of Ernest Shackleton

Read the full story of the famous expedition on Wikipedia.

PBS presents a timeline of the events.

One of the reasons the Trans-Antarctic Expedition holds such a prominent place in the collective vision of Polar Exploration is Frank Hurley's incredible photography, which played a major role in Phantom Limb Company's choice to portray this story. The American Museum of National History told the story of Shackleton's journey in an exhibit of Hurley's photos.

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Video by Thom Bertelson

Video by Thom Bertelson