Peter Ulric Tse

Dartmouth College Professor &
NSF EPSCoR Attention Consortium Principial Investigator

Dartmouth College, BA Physics/Mathematics,1984;
Harvard University, PhD Cognitive Psychology, 1998


Kevin Hartstein

Dartmouth College Graduate Student

Kevin is interested in interactions between form, motion, and attention in visual processing as well as control of attention in relational reasoning. His research investigates the effects of attentional allocation on motion perception in ambiguous visual illusions. Kevin also collaborates with the epilepsy lab at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center to investigate reorganization of cortical function in surgical epilepsy patients.

Northwestern University, BA Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Philosophy 2012;


Marvin Maechler

Dartmouth College Graduate Student


LiWei Sun

Dartmouth College Graduate Student


Sirui Liu

Dartmouth College Graduate Student


Nathan Heller

Dartmouth College Graduate Student


Sharif Saleki

Dartmouth College Graduate Student


Mert Ozkan

Dartmouth College Graduate Student


Cody Plante



Peter is also co-advising Patrick Cavanagh’s graduate student Sirui Liu, and is helping with the training of Jeremy Manning’s graduate student Kirsten Ziman.

Starting in the Fall of 2018

Two graduate students will begin in 2018, Nate Heller and Sharif Saleki. Peter Tse will co-advise Patrick Cavanagh’s new graduate student Mert Ozkan.



Sebastian Frank, PhD 2017

Sebastian is now a post-doc at Brown University with Takeo Watanabe.


Alex Schlegel, PhD 2015

Alex went on to post-doc with Michael Gazzaniga at University of California at Santa Barbara. He is now working at an artificial intelligence start-up called ‘Vicarious.’


Eric Reavis, PhD 2014

Eric went on to post-doc at UCLA medical school.


Sergey Fogelson, PhD 2013

Sergey went on to work in industry. He is now Vice President of data-analysis at Viacom.


Peter Kohler, PhD 2013

Peter went on to post-doc with Tony Norcia at Stanford University.


Gideon Caplovitz, Phd 2008

Gideon went on to post-doc with Sabine Kastner at Princeton University. He is now tenured at University of Nevada at Reno.


Po-Jang (Brown) Hsieh, Phd 2008

Po-Jang went on to post-doc with Nancy Kanwisher at MIT. He is now associate professor at Duke University Singapore Campus.

In addition, four undergraduates who worked in the Tse lab have gone on to graduate school in Cognitive Neuroscience at Harvard (Katie Porter with Alfonso Caramazza at Harvard Unversity), Nick Root (UCSD), Gina D'Andrea-Penna (UCSD) and Prescott Alexander in monkey Neurophysiology (UC Davis).