Dartmouth College, BA Physics/Mathematics,1984;
Harvard University, PhD Cognitive Psychology, 1998

Awards: Guggenheim fellow 2014
Humboldt Wilhelm Bessel-Forschungspreis 2005

Tse attended Dartmouth College from 1980-84, where he was a senior fellow in physics and mathematics. After college he worked as a school teacher in a village in eastern Nepal with the Peace Corps. He studied philosophy of mind at the University of Konstanz, Germany in 1987, then spent several years working in Japan, primarily for language resources at Kobe Steel. He began his studies at Harvard University in 1992, receiving his PhD in Cognitive Psychology under Patrick Cavanagh and Ken Nakayama in 1998. He then did a post-doc with Nikos Logothetis at the Max Plank Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tuebingen Germany, until becoming a professor at Dartmouth in 2001.