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Local Community Service Projects

The following special projects with kids are sponsored by the student-run DMS Community Service Committee to link DMS students and the community. To sign up for a project or to learn more, contact Kathy McGovern, DMS Student Affairs Coordinator. Her office is located in Remsen 334, and she can be reached at (603) 650-1594 Monday through Fruday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Buddies Program
This program pairs medical students with children from the community who have special needs or a chronic illness. The program enables medical students to form special relationships with some incredible kids and to gain a unique perspective into the joys and difficulties of raising a child with special needs. It also allows families to have some respite time, knowing that their children are in competent and caring hands.

Live Free, Smoke Free
The goals of this program are to provide the local schools with appropriate preventive information, to inform current smokers of the risks of tobacco use, and to share proven techniques to stop smoking. To reach these goals, student educators teach in local classrooms and at the smoking-cessation center at DHMC. The center is run by medical students trained to counsel and support patients interested in smoking cessation.

Partners in Health Education
This project offers medical students the opportunity to teach prevention and health care to school children in the local community. The program, supported by the DMS Student Affairs Office, the C. Everett Koop Institute and the DMS Community Service Committee, pairs medical students with local teachers who will work together with the students to develop a health curriculum. In some cases, this collaboration between DMS and local schools offers the only organized health curriculum available for these children. It is hoped that this program will help set the standard for similar health education programs across the country.

Weekends at CHaD
The Children's Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD) experiences a drop in volunteer activity during the weekend. Medical students help meet this need by volunteering two Saturday afternoons a month (non-quiz weekends!). Activities include arts and crafts, performances and general entertainment. Students are free to choose the weeks and activities in which they participate.

Patient Partnership Program
The Patient Partnership Program is a service-learning program in which 10 DMS first-year students are paired with individuals, including children and their families, from the Upper Valley who are facing a long-term health-related challenge such as chronic illness or cancer. The relationship between the student and the community member is intended to last throughout the student’s time at DMS. The program serves as an opportunity for a mutually beneficial relationship between the DMS student and the community member. Student participants provide support for individuals from the community while learning about patient interaction and relationship-building, as well as the psychosocial elements that play a role in the health of patients.

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