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The Pediatric Clerkship is the focus of teaching in the third year. This rotation combines inpatient and outpatient experiences at many different teaching sites.Getting eye to eye with a patient

Students will spend 3 or 4 weeks at an inpatient site, and 3 or 4 weeks at a different outpatient site. Inpatient sites include DHMC; Portland, Maine; Gallup, New Mexico; and Children's Hospital of Orange County. Outpatient sites are at community practices throughout New Hampshire and Vermont, and in Gallup, New Mexico. A sample Pediatric Clerkship block is shown here.

The conference schedule is organized around a particular theme each week. These themes include well-child care, acute illnesses, chronic illnesses and common pediatric problems. Department teaching conferences are also an iimportant part of the learning experience, including Pediatric Grand Rounds and Case Conference.

Computer-assisted instruction is used extensively in the Pediatric clerkship, and is the main methodology used for self-directed learning. Web-based cases developed by the CLIPP (Computer-assisted Learning in Pediatric Project) project are integrated with the weekly seminars. The CLIPP project is a comprehensive Internet-based learning program, developed at Dartmouth and nationally, for use by third-year medical students during their pediatric clerkship.

A structured newborn experience is also part of the clerkship. This is either a separate week in the Newborn Nursery or part of the outpatient experience.

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