Year Two

Pediatric Education Overview

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In year two, Dartmouth Medical School students concentrate on Pediatrics in two courses, Pediatric Health and Development and On Doctoring.

Pediatrics 218: Pediatric Health and Development
Carol Little, M.D., Instructor
Phone: 650-7367

Pediatric Health and Development introduces the care of children from birth through adolescence. In this second-year course, students are expected to acquire a basic knowledge of the developmental continuum from birth through adolescence, and the developmental tasks that define each stage of childhood. They are introduced to the issues and concerns that a physician assists with at each stage, how to approach the physical exam and how to interview children of different ages.

The format of the 12-hour course is lectures by faculty members of the Department of Pediatrics at DHMC. Lectures are supplemented by videotapes of children, case examples and direct observation and interaction with children (and their parents) of various ages, often in small groups. The final exam is an open-book exam with multiple-choice questions (mostly short cases) and Pass/Fail grading. There are no other quizzes or exams, nor is an honors grade possible at this time.

New Directions 216: On Doctoring - Year 2
Nan Cochran, M.D., and Jennifer Schiffman, M.P.H.

On Doctoring in year two builds on the skills developed during the first year with the addition of orals presentations. For more information, link to On Doctoring, Year 2.

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