"[James Handy's powerful, understated performance] is well matched by that of Pat Langille, who plays Avis as the more assertive of the pair, at least initially. Avis interrogates, demands, cajoles and pleads. When Wren shocks her with unpleasant truths, she retreats temporarily, but then rebounds. Langille has the brittle poise and wit of a woman who expects to be treated in a certain way, and is shaken when she isn't." Review by The Valley News (Body of Water)

"You held your own playing against such a well-known actor who could have been intimidating to you. Your performance was centered, graceful, intense, moving and always believable. You were always giving something of yourself to the audience and were completely natural, never 'actorly.' Your growth as an actor is nothing short of amazing." -- audience member (Body of Water)

"This play had me laughing along with the crowd, and I had tears rolling down my cheeks at the serious moments! I must say Pat was wonderful - it is worth the trip and time." -- audience member (Greetings!)

"I really like playing with you. I can depend on you giving me something all the time. For my money, generosity is an enormous gift. Thanks for that." -- fellow actor and director

"I am thoroughly awed by the enthusiasm, dedication, and finesse that you brought to this piece. I am so lucky to have had the chance to work with you, and doubly so for having material that put both of us so solidly in our elements. Bravo!" -- Ben Stockman, director of Claire

"You were fun to watch and very believable on stage." -- audience member (Jake's Women)

"When I first read the script, the only character I didn't like was Maggie. But now that I've seen you play her, I like her a lot." -- Bob Marcus, director of Jake's Women

"... he gets good support from Pat Langille as his heroically patient wife, Emily." -- review by NHPR (Greetings!)

"I just watched the first DVD of Samantha's Stars and again was astounded by your performance ... your performance was so outstanding. And people continue to tell me about it. I know that, if the play ever has another, I will never find a Valentina like yours." -- Greg Marshall, director of Samantha's Stars

"You did a wonderful job in Miracle Worker! I'm sorry I didn't get to congratulate you in person on that Saturday night. We so enjoyed the play. ... I might add that more than one person has spoken to me about how great you were." -- audience member

"You were the strongest character and you truly brought honesty to your role and encouraged integrity in the other actors. ... It was such a labor of love for all involved, and you should be very proud of your efforts. ... BRAVO. I cried." -- audience member, Miracle Worker

"I don't know if I'll audition for the MMP or not ... A big lure would be the chance to act opposite you. I have made it a life goal to Act Opposite Pat Langille." -- a fellow actor and director

"You worked so hard & faithfully on this role and the results have been stupendous! The character you developed was strong, loving, and multi-leveled. I am very pleased. Hope to work with you again soon." -- Gloria Heidenreich, director, Miracle Worker

"It was wonderful to see you perform again. Once again you shone." -- audience member (LLME)

"It was overall a very good show, but you were the glue that held it all together. Brava!" (The Man Who Came to Dinner)

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