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Current Students: Taylor Dryman, Jenny Stone, Z-Hye Lee, Kelly Weed

Taylor Dryman ’09
F08-S09 D-plan: R-R-R

Favorite and least favorite thing about department: I love that the psychology professors are both passionate about and involved in their subjects. They have often done interesting research on their own, and they are able to supplement the standard lecture by including their own personal experiences. My least favorite thing is that the Psychology Department does not have an FSP.

Important info for potential majors: The Psychology Department provides a wide range of courses, so that no matter what particular area may appeal to you most (neuroscience, forensic psychology, childhood psychology, or health psychology, to name a few), you will be able to find classes that pertain to your particular interests. At the same time, don't be afraid to explore Ė some of the best classes in the department may be in areas that you never even considered.

Talk to me if: you're curious about Forensic Psychology. Also, talk to me if you're looking to get involved in psychology-related activities outside of the classroom.

Most valuable academic information learned: A professor can either make or break the course experience for you. Use the Student Assembly Course Guide and any other student resources (including a PAL!) to find classes with professors who will get you interested and excited about their subject.

Favorite class and professor: I would absolutely recommend taking a class with Jan Scheiner. Her energy and enthusiasm in class makes her an entertaining and popular teacher. As a child psychologist, she is able to supplement the textbook material with anecdotal examples from her own experience. At the same time, she makes sure to keep her students updated on the most recent developments in the field of psychopathology as they pertain to her courses. I highly suggest taking Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 024) or Developmental Psychopathology (PSYC 052) with her!

Major classes taken: PSYC 1, 10,11, 23, 24, 28, 52, 53, 54, 81.

Major journey: I began my journey with the Psychology Department during my freshman fall. I took PSYC 001 mostly out of curiosity, and found that I actually had a real interest in the subject. Still reluctant to decide on a major, I continued to explore other courses, but couldn't help but take at least one Psychology class each term. Finally realizing that I'm interested in Psychology not only as a 'cool' subject but also potentially as a career, I declared my major this Spring.

Major specific activities: Volunteering at the DHMC In-Patient Psychiatry Care Unit Ė Senior Volunteer; Research Assistant at the DHMC Anxiety Disorders Services; Active Minds - President (a group that works to raise awareness and decrease stigma about mental illness on college campuses).

Off Campus Program: Transfer Term in New Zealand (University of Otago), 07W

Other activities: Dartmouth Womenís Club Lacrosse - Captain Delta Delta Delta Sorority Ė Reference Chair

Thesis Status: I plan to do my senior thesis on self-awareness and self-consciousness with Professor Hull. (As we are still in the very beginning stages of planning this, I cannot provide a more detailed description at this time, but will be able to submit something more specific in the Fall!)

Internship experience: During 08W, I worked in the Anxiety Disorders Services at DHMC as a research assistant to Claudia Zayfert, Ph. D. I studied factors affecting sleep disorders (specifically insomnia) in patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The internship provided a valuable experience in clinical psychology research and I would be happy to elaborate on my experience working at DHMC for students interested in clinical psychology! Also, I will be participating in a research internship program this summer (08X) at the Lab for Developmental Studies at Harvard University. I will be able to provide more information on the experience when I return to campus in the Fall

Jenny Stone ’09
Psychology major, government minor
F08-S09 D-plan: R-L-R

Favorite and least favorite thing about department: My favorite thing about the psychology department would be the range of subjects and the professors that teach them. It keeps the psychology department interesting because youíre always learning something different, and the professors are all so knowledgeable. They bring their own element to the material. My least favorite thing would have to be the class sizes- they can be a little large

Important info for potential majors: I would recommend experimenting a lot with the options in the department. You never know what will spark an interest or what professor will impact your experience. Talk to your friends to see what theyíve liked and donít be afraid to try something random.

Talk to me if: youíre interested in the science based psychology classes, even if you havenít taken one yet!

Most valuable academic information learned: The most valuable thing Iíve learned so far is that sometimes the best surprises are hidden in the challenges of classes you never thought youíd take. Branch out in the beginning. When you become interested in something you learn so much more from the work you put into it.

Favorite class and professor: Psychology 26, physiological, with Steven. I initially took the class on a whim a little intimidated by the description, but itís turned out to be my favorite class at Dartmouth so far. Professor Steven was so passionate about the material and did a great job of making it exciting for us.

Major classes taken: PSYC 1, 10, 11, 22, 24, 26, 28

Major journey: I took a psych class my freshman fall and without even thinking about it kept signing up. Every term when I would look through the courses offered another class would catch my eye. There are so many different cool subjects that are completely different from one another, you can never get bored. Psychology is so interesting because the material continues to creep into every day life, both inside the classroom and outside of it.

Other activities: Dartmouth Womenís Soccer; club fencing; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Indian River School Mentor

Off Campus Program: German LSA in Berlin, 08W

Z-Hye Lee ’10
Psychology; Pre-med
F08-S09 D-plan: L(on-campus)-R-R

Favorite and least favorite thing about department: Almost every psychology has so much relevance to your everyday life, whether itís learning about how to learn better, studying the process of your emotions or learning about prevalent psychological disorders. There are invaluable research opportunities with professors who are conducting some of the most prominent and groundbreaking studies in their field. However, since psychology is such a popular major, it can sometimes be difficult to get into the class of your choice. That being said, majors always have priority and you will probably have the opportunity to take whatever class you would like by the time you are a senior.

Important info for potential majors: Donít base your opinions about the Psych department on Psych 1. As an introductory class, it isnít a very good indicator of what the other psych classes are like in general and the grading can be a bit harsh. All of the other psych classes go much more depth into a single subject and therefore are more interesting and engaging.

Talk to me if: you are looking for a good way to balance your Pre-med classes with interesting yet related psych classes or if you just want some advice on how to study for different types of classes.

Most valuable academic information learned: The most valuable thing I learned from being Psych major is learning how to make connections. Although each class essentially targets a different aspect of the mind and brain, you learn a great deal about how the mind and how we in general, as humans, function in our everyday world.

Favorite class and professor: I have enjoyed EVERY single I have taken in the Psych department but one that particularly stands out is Psychology of Learning (22) with Professor Jernstedt. He was a phenomenal lecturer who always conducted real experiments to prove his points. Most importantly, this has been the most USEFUL class since he taught us how to maximize learning and how to develop efficient study skills.

Major classes taken: Psych 1, 10, 22, 26, 52, 53, 59

Major journey: Even before coming to Dartmouth, I knew I was interested in psychology since I was always fascinated with how the brain and mind works. After taking just two classes (1, 22), I had no second thoughts that this was the right major for me.

Thesis status: I intend to do a thesis with Professor Whalen on the study of emotions.

Other activities: Womenís Track and Field, Delta Delta Delta, Big Green Readers, Nathan Smith Society, Research Intern at Pediatrics Department (DHMC)

Internship experience: I intend to be a research intern in Fall 08 for Dr. Bernstein, head of the pediatrics department and help him in an ongoing study involving infant immunization.

Kelly Weed ’10
Psychology Major, Linguistics Minor
F08-S09 D-plan: R-R-L

Favorite and least favorite thing about department: I love the psychology department! Every course is really interesting, and I wonít have to go out of my way at all to complete the major. In fact, I already know that Iíll end up taking more psych courses than I need. My least favorite thing is that there is some overlap between some of the courses, so you might end up seeing certain videos 2 or 3 times.

Important info for potential majors: The psychology department assigns one advisor to all of the undergraduates, so you donít actually meet with anyone to get your major card signed. This means that you have to make more of an effort to develop individual relationships with your professors.

Talk to me if: you need help picking classes or figuring out your D-Plan. I love that stuff!

Most valuable academic information learned: Itís a really good idea to go to an extra class or two at the beginning of the term, so if you change your mind about one of your classes, it will be easy to switch. It will also help you decide whether youíd like to take that course in the future.

Favorite class and professor: Jan Scheiner is hilarious - Iíve loved both classes Iíve taken with her, and Iím planning to take the other two classes that she teaches. Iím currently taking Emotion (Psyc 53) with Paul Whalen and loving it. Perception (Psyc 21) with Professor Tse was also really interesting. What can I say, Iíve loved them all!

Major classes taken: PSYC 1, 21, 24, 28, 52, 53

Major journey: I didnít get into Ling 1 freshman fall, and Psych 1 was my backup. I ended up getting into Ling after a week, but by that point I loved Psych and didnít want to drop it, so I dropped a different course instead, and now Iím a psych major!

Thesis status: Iím planning to write one, but I donít know what the topic will be yet.

Other activities: Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble; Epsilon Kappa Theta-08X VP; Tour Guide

Off Campus Program: Linguistics FSP in New Zealand, 08W

Internship experience: I was a WISP intern with Professor Robert Norman in the Math Department in 07W and 07S. During my freshman summer I had a fund accounting internship at Fidelity Investments in Boston, MA.