Jewish Studies

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Saul Zebovitz ‘11 JWST-SaulZebovitz
F09-S10 D-plan: L-R-R
Jewish Studies

Favorite and least favorite things about your department:

The best thing about Jewish Studies is that it’s interdisciplinary. You have opportunities to learn history, literature, religion, art history, and a variety of other things all united under one overarching theme. The biggest weakness is that there are so few students, so you have little opportunity to share your experience… so the biggest weakness is also the biggest reason why you should consider Jewish Studies.

Important info for potential minors (JWST offered as a minor):

There is a little bit of extra work involved in becoming a Jewish Studies major, since you have to apply for a special major. However, it’s not that bad, and the staff of the program is extremely helpful.

Talk to me if:

Talk to me if you’re struggling to figure out exactly how to go about applying for the special major. It’s actually very easy.

Most valuable academic info learned:

It’s hard to nail down something specific. The most important thing I’ve gained in my Jewish Studies so far is an ever-evolving view of what Judaism is, where it came from, and how it came to be what it is today. It’s hard to specify one class that particularly contributed to that – it really is an overarching program that all fits together.

Favorite class and professor:

I particularly enjoyed JWST 21 (Jewish American Literature) with Professor Klaus Milich of the Comparative Literature Department. He’s very easygoing, and makes the discussion engaging. The literature that we read in that class is some of the best stuff out there, and it’s overall a very enjoyable class.

Major classes taken:

JWST 6, 21, 27, 41.2

Major journey:

I was considering a religion major, but realized that I wanted to focus a little more specifically than the religion department could allow me to. I am particularly interested in the modern American Jewish community and how it developed, so it made sense for me to turn to the Jewish Studies program.

Thesis status:

Still undecided

Other activities:

Hillel – VP of Religious Affairs and Education; Upper Valley Jewish Community Religious School – teacher

Internship experience:

Intern at Perelman Jewish Day School in Philadelphia, Fall term ’09. I will be working in classrooms with Jewish elementary school students, getting the experience of the day school setting.