Claire Scott ‘11 GERM-ClaireScott
F09-S10 D-plan: R-L-R

Favorite and least favorite things about your department:

My favorite thing about the German department is the wonderful faculty. Since the department is so small, students really have the opportunity to work closely with their professors and get to know them very well.  My least favorite thing about the German department is that they do not offer more upper level German classes taught in German. Many of the classes for major credit are taught in English with required extra work in German for those wishing to receive major credit.

Important info for potential majors:

It is helpful to come into the German major with some previous study of German from high school, but even if you are coming in with no prior experience with German you will still be able to major in it. Do not be afraid to try taking German your freshman year just because you think that it is too late to get started.

Talk to me if:

Talk to me if you are interested in German literature and Holocaust Studies.

Most valuable academic info learned:

Be open and excited when talking with your professors about research and internship opportunities. These experiences can be very rewarding and there is more out there than you think.

Favorite class and professor:

My favorite class in the German department so far was German 31 on the FSP in Berlin. We read plays by some of Germany’s most famous writers like Heinrich von Kleist and Goethe and then went to see the plays performed at theaters around Berlin. This class was taught by my favorite professor in the German department, Professor Kacandes.

Major classes taken:

GERM 9, 11, 29, 30, 31, 82

Major journey:

When I came to Dartmouth I had a wide variety of interests and I wasn’t sure what direction to pursue. I ended up choosing a German major because I liked the fact that the department was small, so there was a lot of opportunity to work closely with the professors. I built a love of the German language and culture in high school and I was so excited to continue that to an even greater extent in college.

Major-specific activities:

Drill Instructor, VP of German Club

Thesis status:

I plan to write an honors thesis that will build off of my Presidential Scholars research in Holocaust studies with Professor Kacandes.

Other activities:

Fundraising Chair – Women’s Rugby, Special Olympics- Swimming Coordinator

Off-campus program:

German FSP in Berlin, 08F